Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Shoes

After a quick visit to the Employment Office today, which in my head has always been the Unemployment Office, I headed over to the new Goodwill Store.
Employment and goodwill are important concepts, even just psychologically speaking, when you have no job and no idea where your next paycheck will come from.
I bought some shoes for $6.99, size 10. They are black synthetic made-in-China shoes with clunky last-century heels. The toe part is kind of angled like toes, which is not the way shoes normally look.
I am unfashionable enough to not know if they are good shoes or bad shoes.
To me they looked quirky yet sensible.
They were someone else's shoes. I'll never know whose shoes. They haven't traveled far, from the look of the sole.
Philosophical interlude: It's hard to know how far one has traveled based on their soul mileage. If only there were an inner odometer we could access.
Not that the knowing is any indicator of one's soul purpose, or value.
Point being, I'm unemployed and officially walking in someone else's shoes, thanks to the goodwill of some other woman.
It won't take me long to go a mile. After that, we'll see what's changed.