Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Showdown Over Horse Manure at Lake Massabesic

From left, Trixie Lefevre of Londonderry, Jane Mallinson of Chester, Denika Jones and
 daughter, Kryshanna Jones of Salem, took their message to the streets of Manchester,
in defense of horseback riding on the trails around Lake Massabesic. - PHOTO/Carol Robidoux
MANCHESTER, NH - A group of protesters lined the corner of Valley and Lincoln streets April 23, hoisting signs in defense of horseback riding along the trails at Lake Massabesic Watershed.

Trixie Lefevre of Londonderry said restrictions by Manchester Water Commission are punitive and unnecessary, and infringe on the rights of recreational horse riders.

Water Commissioners believe the horse manure contributes to algae blooms in the lake, which is the source of the city of Manchester's drinking water.

Horse manure is on the agenda of the Water Commission for its April 24 meeting, which begins at 4:25 p.m.

You can read more here at the NH Union Leader website.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Queen of Arts, Meri Goyette, Honored at Awards Luncheon

"We are all artists in our own way." - Meri Goyette

Meri Goyette, Queen of Arts in Nashua, NH.


Nashua NH Mayor Donnalee Lozeau recognizes Meri and Charles Goyette.

With much fanfare and the energy of a full house, longtime supporter of the arts, Meri Goyette, was honored April 6, 2014, at Sky Meadow Country Club. The champagne luncheon launched the inaugural Meri Goyette Arts Award, designed to honor champions of the arts annually. It was organized by City Arts Nashua and the Nashua Arts Commission

Goyette, 88, has dedicated herself to promoting and supporting an array of arts and entertainment initiatives in Nashua over the past four decades, from the annual International Sculpture Symposium, which embeds artists from around the world in Nashua to create original works, to spearheading the restoration of the historic Hunt Library. In between, Goyette has been in the thick of all things arts, organizing various committees and initiatives, penning books chronicling notable Nashuans and historical tidbits, hosting events, and most importantly, leading by example in encouraging art appreciation, support and development.

After a series of "thank yous" to those in the room for their support, Goyette summed up her sense of gratitude by saying, "You are all artists. We are all artists in our own way."

The luncheon featured live performances (see video clips below) from one of Nashua's premiere theater troupes, Peacock Players, as well as a poetry reading by NH poet laureate Alice B. Fogel, a ballet/hip/hop dance collaboration by Northern Ballet Theatre and Positive Street Art, and a live auction to support the ongoing arts community through City Arts Nashua.

J. Christopher Williams, President and CEO of Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, was recipient of the first Meri Goyette Arts Award, for his ongoing support of the arts through his leadership role within the Nashua community.

NH Senators Bette Lasky and Peggy Gilmour delivered a proclamation recognizing Goyette for her tireless efforts to establish Nashua as a haven for those who bring the creative arts to life, through music, fine art, dance, poetry and innovation.

Click through the videos below for highlights from the event.