Monday, March 24, 2014

Know Someone Struggling With Addiction? Join the Conversation April 2 at Saint Anselm

A little more than a month ago I posted on Facebook about a movie, "The Anonymous People," asking if anyone out there would lobby to bring it to New Hampshire. 

I have seen too many people lose their lives to drugs and alcohol, watched too many families crumble. I have heard the stories about the juggling act between urgency and insurance protocols that limit possibilities for those who want out. 

We all know someone.

Friend Loretta Brady saw my post and said that if I did the lobbying, she'd see about making it happen.

Guess what? It's happening!

You are invited to attend this free public screening, April 2, 2014 at Saint Anselm College, 100 Saint Anselm Drive, Manchester, NH.

Link here for complete event information on Saint Anselm College website.

Why this matters

Get the story behind "The Anonymous People"  via filmmaker Greg Williams' kickstarter page (watch the clip below). From that humble beginning, Williams created a documentary aiming to change the conversation around the need for more avenues leading to long-term recovery for drug addicts and alcoholics, and the need to step out of the shadows of anonymity and share the stories of success among those living in long-term recovery.

Click here for more on "The Anonymous People," at Many Faces, 1 Voice.

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